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Who we are?

We are A.B.Z. Exhibitor Contractor, a team of creative and skilled craftsmen and stand builders with fully committed project managers. We are the people who will bring your designs into reality thanks to over 25 years of experience in producing even the most challenging exhibition stands. With our great attention to details, your booth will stand out at every show or exhibition.

What we do?

With our innovating approach and excellent tools, including CNC machines, we specialise in producing and constructing bespoke exhibition stands all over Europe. We take care of your stand from the moment we take your design in our hands, through production process in our in-house joinery and onsite assembly, to dismantling the stand and storing it in our spacious warehouse for your next exhibitions.

How we do it?

From the moment we receive your design, we support you with full project-management. By making sure all the documentation is arranged and the necessary orders have been placed we help you avoid any unpleasant surprises on site. Producing the stand in our fully equipped joinery workshop, contracting reliable suppliers of quality materials and building the stand components by skilled craftsmen allows us to deliver exquisite stands which astonish and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. And when the show is over, the storage capabilities we offer enable you to refurbish and reuse your stand elements at the next shows, saving our planet from unnecessary waste.

Proudly sustainable

Being fully aware of the challenges for the environment, we do our best to make your stand as sustainable as possible. We apply reusable, yet flexible construction modules for walls and flooring structures, which makes creating even the most sophisticated stands possible. Our modules will not limit your imagination, but will dramatically reduce the amount of waste. Constantly searching for eco-friendly materials, we provide our clients multiple options.

We are proud to work in new, energy-efficient facilities, equipped with photovoltaic solar panels. The heart of our central heating system, a certified, high-end biomass boiler with advanced smoke filters, enables us to dispose of chip, our major post-production waste, without producing any smoke.

We do care to leave the environment as intact as possible.

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